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Rusty's Real Deal Baseball is a sports game for the Nintendo 3DS, released exclusively through the Nintendo eShop. Developed and published by Nintendo, it was released August 8, 2013 in Japan and April 3, 2014 in North America. [1] [2]


The game, which is free-to-play, allows the player to visit the shop of Rusty, who sells baseball-themed minigames. Though they initially cost $4.00, the player is able to haggle with Rusty to lower the prices to $2.00 or less by offering him items and listening to his stories about his life, wife, and puppies. The ten minigames included are "Make the Call," "Quick Catch," "Gear Games," "The Aim Game," "Volley Bats," "Bat & Switch" (which has an in-game demo), "Bat Master," "Cage Master," "Feel the Glove," and "Drop & Pop."





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