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Pyramids is a puzzle/platform game for the Nintendo eShop. Developed by Enjoy Gaming, Ltd., it was released on October 27, 2011.


The player controls an explorer who is trying to get out of a pyramid, while facing dangerous traps and monsters. You have the use of TNT, a gun, and a shovel which allows you to create and destruct bricks. These bricks will be used as stairs, bridges, protections. There are 54 challenging 3D levels, divided in 6 worlds.

At the end of each level, the player will obtain a star rating which will be used to unlock levels: 1 star for finishing the level, 2 stars for finishing the level and stealing all the loots, and 3 stars for finishing the level and stealing all the loots in a given time. The game will let the player use QR Codes to unlock free new levels. [1]


Gamescom Trailer Gameplay Trailer
Pyramids Gamescom Trailer01:03

Pyramids Gamescom Trailer

Pyramids 3DS Gameplay Trailer01:24

Pyramids 3DS Gameplay Trailer



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