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Miiverse is an online social hub for the Nintendo 3DS, originally launched on the Wii U. Managed by Nintendo, it was released December 9, 2013, alongside a system update that built it into the system's software. [1] [2] [3]

Miiverse Code of Conduct

The Miiverse has its own rules.Verified User follow a stricter version of the Code of Conduct.

Prohibited Actions

These Actions are considered violations to Miiverse's Code of Conduct.Upon seeing a post,Comment or Message that contains the following actions and/or users that are doing the following actions then select the "Report Violation" button and your report will be sent to a bot known as "miiverse_admin" aka Miiverse Administration which will delete the post,comment or message and/or will ban or hide the inappropriate user's Profile Comment.Posts and comments Posted by Verified Users cannot be reported.

  • Inappropriate Language
  • Inappropriate Mii
  • Inappropriate Profile Comment
  • Baseless Reporting
  • Sexual References
  • Spamming and Advertising
  • Empty Drawings
  • 100% Black posts
  • Copyright infringement
  • Illegal Content
  • Asking for,offering,Exchanging or Mentioning Friend Codes,Nintendo Network IDs,Usernames or other IDs,Telephone Numbers,e-Mail Addresses,School Names,etc.
  • Asking for,offering or Exchanging Download Codes
  • Impersonating another User
  • Dating Attempts
  • Misrepresentations,Slanders,Defames,Bullying,Suicide Promotions
  • Cruelty Depictions
  • External Links in order to contact with you directly
  • Spoilers posts or comments which aren't marked as Spoilers(In that case it'll automatically Marked as Spoilers)
  • Meaningless Scribbles
  • Mentioning "Project M" or "PM"(outside of the Paper Mario Community)


The app serves as a sort of social network, allowing users to seamlessly share messages, replies, and hand-drawn notes or pictures with other users in the community of a specific game.

Differences from the Wii U Version

The 3DS Versions offers some differences from the Wii U Version:

  • Offline Mode:You can save up to 3 Posts while the 3DS is offline which will be posted when you go online again.
  • The Message feature is only used for the Messages sent by the Miiverse Administration.
    • Because The Friends on Miiverse are the Wii U Friends.
  • The Friends Section is absent in the 3DS Version.
  • You cannot sent friend Requests.




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