Marvel Pinball 3D is a Nintendo eShop game developed and published by Zen Studios. The game was released in North America and in Europe on June 28, 2012.


The game is a pinball game that features Marvel universe-themed levels. The game is claimed to have the most "advanced ball physics" seen in a pinball game. It also offers online leadership boards, in-game friend challenges, and interactive 3D models.

The game features four different Marvel-themed pinball tables:

  • Iron Man Table, features Iron Man facing off against Mandarian.
  • A Blade and Hannibal table which features the two fighting off vampire hordes led by Deacon Frost and Dracula.
  • A Captain America table features Captain America and the Howling Commandos defending freedom against Baron Zemo and Red Skull.
  • The last table is a Fantastic Four-based one. The Fantastic Four must defeat Doctor Doom.



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