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Ketzal’s Corridors (known in Europe as SpeedThru: Potzol's Puzzle) is an upcoming puzzle game. Developed by KeysFactory and published by Nintendo, it will be released on the Nintendo eShop. [1] The game bears striking resemblance to ThruSpace on WiiWare. [2] The game was released in Japan in October 2011, April 5, 2012 in Europe, and April 12 in North America. [3]


The game is described as a “third-person on-rails Tetris," with the player having to move a 3-4 block shape, attempting to get though each hole without missing, and using a variety of strategic movements to the block to progress efficiently through the level. The setting of the game is based on the Aztec, the ethnic groups of central Mexico that lived during the 14th-16th centuries.


The game has received generally favorable reviews. IGN gave it a 90, stating "With its fast-paced action, compelling use of the 3D effect, nearly 100 different levels to conquer and compelling multiplayer mode, this puzzle game is an absolutely stunning addition to the 3DS eShop." [4] Official Nintendo Magazine gave it an 83, calling it "Not as intuitive as Pullblox or Tetris, but Speedthru: Potzols Puzzle is challenging and addictive. Every bit as fun as it is stressful." [5]

Nintendo Life gave it an 8, saying "SpeedThru is quite similar to ThruSpace with a graphical makeover, and can be cleared quite quickly and easily if you're not particularly interested in getting good scores. If you are, however, the game can last you quite a while, and for those who quite enjoyed its predecessor, the new level types are worth checking out." [6]

Nintendo World Report gave it a 75, stating "Even with its issues, it is still a good eShop title. If you loved ThruSpace, this is more of that same gameplay. It's not quite on the same level as the top-tier eShop titles, but if you're looking for a good high-score game, Ketzal's Corridors is definitely worth your time and money." [7]

Edge Magazine gave it a 70, reason being "SpeedThru is a game best experienced in short bursts, not least because the startling image depth may prove a strain for tired eyes. Still, this is further evidence of the eShop's relevance in the face of strong competition from Nintendo's peers." [8]




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