Not to be confused with 3DS title Face Racers: Photo Finish.
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Face Raiders is an application for the Nintendo 3DS. The game has you taking photos of someone, whose face is recorded into the game and dons a samurai warrior's helmet. You can also make faces of anything that's not a living human. They will enter the real world and you must shoot them down with tennis balls while people walk in the background. You must move your Nintendo 3DS Camera in order to shoot down the enemies and bosses. The game makes use of the 3DS's 3D effects, gyroscope and accelerometer.


Before you play every level, you must take pictures of nearby people on their faces that you will have to fight a bigger and stronger version of them. In addition if you already have a face, you can pick a face whatever you like. Gameplay in levels is simple. You must move your 3DS Camera and press A to fire at the enemies. If you commonly show your face in many stages, it will receive a crown that you've showed it in many levels.


Normal Face

Face Raiders - Normal Face

Normal Faces are faces that commonly appear in many stages. All the Normal Face does in Stage 1 and the Intro Stage and the first Show a Friend stage is float around for a bit, and then fly into the background to crash into the it, causing Wall Fragments. They cannot crash into the background in the Show a Friend stage and the Intro stage. Also, they sing and fly into the background if not hit. In Stage 2, they fight back by shooting balls. If you fight four of them, the one on the bottom right corner is sleeping and will fly away if not hit. More Normal Faces show up in Stage 2. In Stage 3, Normal Faces make minor appearances when they fly into groups to crash into walls. There are lots of Normal Faces in the Final Stage. In the first wave, they will shoot balls until they get sucked into a blackhole. In the Extra Stage, all Normal Face appears in all stages, except the third. In Stage 1, they not only fly into the background to send Wall Fragments flying, but they shoot balls. Most of them are summoned by the Samurai Face during the battle. In Stage 2, there are a very few Normal Faces, like in Stage 3. In Stage 4, there are lots of Normal Faces which can shoot balls, making the stage harder with Table Tennis Faces.

Kissing Face

Face Raiders - Kissing Face

The Kissing Face does the same as a Normal Face apart from the fact that kisses you before it flies away, taking some of your health. This attack is unavoidable and must be shot down. This face only appears in the First Stage, the Intro Stage, and the Extra Stage.

X-Spike Face

Face Raiders - X-Spike

This unnamed Face, nicknamed the X-Spike Face has a huge capital letter X on the back of it, indicating that it will fly back when you hit the X. Wait until it turns around to defeat it. In addition, X-Spikes won't turn until you hit the Normal Faces on screen. Sometimes, you must wait until a Normal Face is behind it and then fire. X-Spikes are tougher than the ones in the Extra Stage, because they move around. This face only appears in the First Stage, the Intro Stage, and the Extra Stage.


Butterflies are enemies which come in different colors: blue, yellow, and red. They are very harmless. All it does is fly for a bit until it disappears. If you hit it, it will give you health. Butterflies appear in every stage, except the Bonus Stage, the Extra Stage and the second Show a Friend stage.

Golden Face

This face appears from time to time with a different face to the one currently being used. The more faces you have in your face collection, the more common this face is. After you complete each round, you get an extra 1,000 points for each golden face defeated. This face doesn't appear in some of the Show a Friend levels and the Extra Stage. Some Golden Faces fight back.


There are several types of projectiles in the game:

  • Wall Fragments - Wall Fragments are flying projectiles that are caused by crashes. If a Normal Face, Red and Blue Face, X Spike Face, Flip Face, or the Twin Face crash into the background, a Wall Fragment will be flying. Another variety of Wall Fragment is caused in by the Sun Face in Stage 3. Wall Fragments appear in all stages, except the Intro Stage, the Show a Friend stages, the Bonus Stage, and the Final Stage.
  • Ball - Balls are fired by many enemies. They are found in every stages, except the Bonus Stage and the second Show a Friend stage. Another variety of ball is fired by the Racquet Face, so it must be hit multiple times until it gets dizzy.
  • Missile - Missiles only appear in Stage 3 and the Extra Stage. They are either fired by the Puzzle Face or the Golden Panel Face. They are found only in the European versions of Face Raiders.
  • Armor Plates - Armor Plates only appear in the Final Stage and the Extra Stage. They are thrown by Disco Ball Face.

Red and Blue Face

This face only appears in Stage 2 and the Extra Stage. If you hit it, it'll turn blue. If you don't shoot it, it will revert to red, so it is best to shoot them when they're turned blue. After it stays for a few seconds, it will escape by breaking into walls to cause fragments flying. If there are squares, you must lure them to a wall and then kill them. Sometimes, these faces will shoot balls. If they're hit, two will ram you. This attack is unavoidable.

Diver Face

This face only appears in the Bonus Stage and the second stage. It takes five hits to kill. You must keep it in the air or you'll drop it. In the Bonus Stage, if you drop it, the game ends. The green helmet doubles. The purple is fast. There is another golden Diver Face.

Panel Face

This face only appears in the third stage and the Extra Stage. Some panels will retreat and some will shoot balls at you (unlike the missiles fired by the helicopters in the arcade game Panic Museum, but only one ball). Some will summon stag beetles. On the final wave, some will shoot missiles. There are lots of Panel Faces in the Extra Stage in Stage 3.

Big Rectangle Face

Only one appears in Stage 3. If you shoot it, it will have two harmless panel faces and one red panel face. Kill the three of them.

Red Panel Face

This face only appears in the third stage and the Extra Stage. After a few seconds, this face will roll into the player (like many flying enemies in the arcade game Panic Museum). When it starts rolling, it is unavoidable and must be hit. There are only a few of them in the Extra Stage when you're fighting the Puzzle Face.

Flip Face

This face only appears in the Third Stage and Extra Stage. Hit the one that aren't upside down. Some will shoot balls and some will retreat.

Stag Beetle Face

This face only appears in the Third Stage and Extra Stage. They are from Panel Faces. They will begin to eat the walls, which can cause fragments flying until they fall into Outer Space. Stop them by shooting them and deflect the fragments.

Puzzle Face

Only one appears in the Third Stage and Extra Stage. You must hit the squares to make a face correctly. If you don't solve the puzzle, the mini-boss will shoot four balls. It is tougher in the Extra Stage, because you're also ambushed by Panel Faces and Red Panel Faces.

Racquet Face

This face only appears in the Final Stage and Extra Stage. If you shoot the Racquet Face, it will shoot a ball. If it stays after a bit, it will go away. Deflect the balls at the racquet to defeat it. In the Extra Stage, there are two racquets and one will shoot a ball.

Table Tennis Face

This face only appears in the Final Stage and Extra Stage. Some won't attack you and some will crash into you. Avoiding doesn't protect you against them, so they must be shot. There are more Table Tennis Faces in the Extra Stage.


Samurai Face

Samurai Face is the first boss in the game. In the intro, it will kiss you much like a Kissing Face does, so shoot the jewel to stop him. Shoot him three times until his barrier comes. He will summon two Normal Faces and an X-Face. Knock the X-Spike Faces into him. Kill the Normal Faces and then shoot the X-Spikes into his barrier. In the Extra Stage when he doesn't have his green barrier, he summons tons of Normal Faces. Kill them and then attack the boss. It is the same while wearing his green barrier, but you must hit the X-Spike Face either up or down to beat him.

Twin Face

Twin Face is the second boss in the game. Twin Face will keep changing its appearance. Players must shoot the real face, but not the fake face. First, Twin Face will show two faces at once. If you don't hit it for a while or shoot the fake face, it will send lots of Wall Fragments flying. After it is damaged a few times, it will spin around. If it spins too long, it will destroy the background to cause more Wall Fragments. After damaging it in the second phase, it will open a window, where it will move and change its appearance in Outer Space. In addition, it summons Normal Faces. Kill the Normal Faces and shoot the real face. However, in the Extra Stage and the third Show a Friend stage, it will shoot lots of balls at you. During the third round, he's tricky and won't show his normal face. In the last Show a Friend stage, it is trickier, because it can be a scatterbrain and hide into Outer Space.

Sun Face

Sun Face is the third boss in the game. It'll spit out 5 flip faces, and will change its appearance by the faces it shoots out. You must hit all of the flip faces (not the ones who are hit) upside-down to change Sun Face back to normal. You then must shoot the jewel on its forehead three times. If you don't hit the ruby thrice, it will destroy the background. After the fifth crash, it will ram into you. This attack cannot be avoided and must be countered by hitting its jewel or throwing a Bomb. After you hit the ruby thrice, it will do it again, but it is trickier, so are the Flip Faces. If he crashes the background five times again, it will ram into you without showing its ruby. This attack cannot be avoided and must be countered by throwing a bomb after the third hit. Do the same thing and then hit its ruby thrice to defeat the boss. Without hitting its diamond, it will crash into the wall. After five times, it will ram into the player. This attack is unavoidable and must be countered after the second hit by hitting the ruby or throwing a Bomb. In the Extra Stage in Stage 3, it will shoot a ball and will ram into you after crashing into the background three times.

Disco Ball Face

Disco Ball Face is the fourth boss in the game. It will spin in a clockwise and a counter clockwise direction, so be ready to fire its energy cannons. There are eight crystals you must hit to fire the beams back at Disco Ball Face. Also note, during this time, which way the thing is rotating.Once the cannon lights up, start shooting the crystal above the cannon, then shoot the ones further around it, going against Disco Ball Face's rotation. (Example: If it is going clockwise, you must shoot counterclockwise, and vice versa.) It is very fast with its cannon in the Extra Stage. When all of the cannons are destroyed, it will reveal its face. It will shoot fragments at you. The Face takes sixteen hits to kill. After a few seconds if not hit, it will go up. If you hit it eleven times, it will throw more fragments. The second phase is much tougher in the Extra Stage, since it shoots more fragments.

Disco Afro Face

Disco Afro Face is the fifth and final boss in the game. It appears right after Disco Ball Face is defeated. Disco Afro Face will throw its afro at you. As its afro is flying, you must hit the Face five times when it appears left or right before the afro hits you, which can cause massive damage. If you shoot the afro, it will shoot large stars that deplete a third of your health. This attack is unavoidable. After hitting it five times, shoot the jewel to destroy it. It will take a small peak like Twin Face in the Extra Stage.


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