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Colors! 3D is a painting application for the Nintendo 3DS, released through the Nintendo eShop. [1] Developed by Collecting Smiles, the game was released April 5, 2012 in North America and will be released April 19 in Europe and Australia. [2] [3]

Due to the "phenomenal" reception and the sales, the creator of the app, Jens Andersson, has expressed interest in creating an update to add more to the game. [4]


In order to play, YOU  HAVE TO PAINT! You can join the gallery and share your art where you can favorite art and follow your favorite artists to see their paintings on your homepage!


The game has received favorable reviews. Nintendo World Report gave it a 90, calling it "... SwapNote for artists. I highly recommend this app, and I think it will develop a big following among the 3DS artists out there." [5] IGN gave it the same score, and said that "with plenty of options, great tutorials and an easy-to-master interface, Colors! 3D is the 3D painting application 3DS owners have been waiting for." [6]




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